Before a building can be put up for sale or rent, it must have an Energy Performance Certificate. With so much concern over the energy efficiency of buildings, especially with the rising rate of energy costs, the certificates give owners, buyers, and renters important information on the energy efficiency and carbon rating of all buildings.

When you purchase a building, the price is only the first of many costs that a building owner or renter will encounter. For those who operate on a budget, having the most information about how much energy is consumed by a building is a paramount concern, both financially and for the environment.

What do the Energy Performance Certificates show?

Otherwise known as EPCs, these certificates will show the overall energy performance of a building. Just like the energy performance ratings you see for appliances, so too can buildings be rated for their energy usage. The energy rating is presented as a scale from A to G. With A being the most energy efficient down to G being the most energy inefficient.

The importance of the EPC becomes apparent when buyers and renters who must pay for the energy costs can compare similar buildings. By seeing the information presented in an easy to comprehend manner, the best-informed decision can be made about the energy usage of a building.

How to find providers for EPC in Belfast

To find a provider of Energy Performance Certificates in Belfast search online for EPC Belfast.

Who Enforces the Requirements for EPCs?

Each building for sale or to let should have a rating and information from the owner or landlord of the building. They should have the information available for you to review.

The authorities for the enforcement of EPCs can be found in the district councils themselves. The Belfast City Council Building Control is the coordinating site for all district councils. This means that any inquiries about compliance or notifications of non-compliance must be sent to the Belfast City Council Building Control.

How do I get an EPC?

For those who own properties that they plan to sell or rent, obtaining an EPC can be accomplished by yourself or by assigning an estate agent. This means that you can contact an accredited energy assessor and have the building evaluated for the EPC qualification.

The assessors may be employees who work for conveyancers, energy companies, or estate agents. Or, they may be self-employed and have been fully accredited for evaluating and assigning EPC ratings. You can find the list of accredited assessors by checking the Northern Ireland Energy Performance Certificate Registry. They can provide a list of assessors in your community that provide the EPC rating service.

Once you or your agent have commissioned the assessor, they will provide you with the details of their inspection and set an appointment for it to begin. The information that will be gathered includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Type of property, including when it was constructed
  • Size of the building, including the number of floors
  • Number of rooms that are habitable
  • Heating system and type of fuel used
  • Type and amount of glazing that was used

When the information is gathered, it will be fed into a computer which uses a standard energy assessment system. When the results are calculated, you will receive the EPC for your building.