How long does it take to do an EPC check? – epc4less

A home energy inspection for an average 3-bedroom house takes no longer than 25 minutes depending on size and complexity. Obviously, the bigger the property the more complex it may be.

The above data is then entered in government-approved software that will produce your home energy rating and a list of computer generated recommendations.

Can I get an EPC online?

Remember, an EPC is a legal requirement if you are marketing your house for sale or to let. The EPC requires a DEA to visit your property. You can instruct a home energy assessor online via their website.

Epc4less is the UK’s largest EPC providers. Since 2008 they have been providing Energy Performance Certificates throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. Through their extensive network of over 1,500 home energy assessors they cover every postcode in the UK. 

You can order your EPC here by searching your city or town below.