How to calculate your own EPC? – epc4less

Can you really calculate your own EPC rating? The Government has approved a software for the production of Energy Performance Certificates known as RdSAP. To produce an EPC an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) has to visit your home and complete a site survey. During the survey they record various details of the property related to the structure, walls, roof, insulation and glazing. They calculate the perimeter of the dwelling. If the property extends over several floors then the DEA will work out each floor area. The energy assessor also will record the heating system as well as the heating control systems. 

For a simple house or flat, one would think that this should not be a complicated process. One would expect that any person who understands buildings and structures should be able to record this information and enter it in RdSAP software. However, not anyone can access the software. The software is in the cloud and to access it you need to have credentials. Such credentials (password and username) are provided only to accredited domestic energy assessors. There is no on-premise computing when it comes to calculating the EPC rating. 

How to calculate your own EPC?

The answer is, you cannot unless you have access to the RdSAP cloud software that is accessible only by accredited and registered domestic energy assessors. 

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