How to Get an Energy Assessor Near You? – epc4less

There are at least 3 ways to find a local energy assessor:

  • Search the Government website

You can search for a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) in your local area in the DEA directory. You can access it through this link Once you have entered this site, just enter the postcode of the property that needs to be assessed. The directory will then list the registered assessor starting by those nearest to your postcode. The directory lists the assessors’ names and telephone numbers. It will be your responsibility to enquire about their prices as the government’s website does not provide prices.

  • Search online

You can shop around for your EPC provider is by doing a simple Google search. Searching for EPC and the name of your town/city, i.e. EPC Manchester, will almost always bring up advertisements by local DEAs or the websites of various local or national companies that can arrange the EPC cert with you.

  • Use

The easiest way to order your EPC is by searching your city or town below.