How to Get An EPC Certificate? – epc4less

To get an EPC Certificate for a domestic or commercial property you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate survey. 

Step 1. Get an Energy Assessor near you

You will have to find a local Domestic Energy Assessor and get an idea of the cost. You will then agree on a mutually suitable time for your EPC assessment.

Step 2. Site survey

The energy assessment of your home will require a site visit. Prior to that there may be a number of things you should do to prepare for the EPC rating assessment such as ensure that you have the boiler documentation at hand, or any evidence of works carried out in the property, or other building control approvals of extensions, loft conversions, etc. 

During the survey the assessor will collect photographic evidence of the structure of the property, insulation, glazing, lighting and heating control system.

Step 3. Calculations

The assessor will enter the data collected on site in RdSAP which is the official software for producing Energy Performance Certificates. Once the assessor has produced the EPC, he will lodge it in the EPC Register and will send you a link via email.

You can order your EPC here by searching your city or town below.