How to improve your EPC rating? – epc4less

You can start by doing what is easy, cheap and with a great impact on the EPC rating. Here are some suggestions:

  1. If your property has a hot water tank (hotpress) make sure that the tank is properly insulated. You can get insulation for a hot water tank from a DIY store. This may up your EPC rating by 3-4 points.
  2. If the hot water tank has no thermostat attached to it then make sure you fit one. This may up your EPC rating by 4-5 points.
  3. Ensure that all your fixed lighting outlets are fitted with low energy bulbs.
  4. If your property has a loft then ensure that it is insulated. You can buy insulation from a DIY store and apply it in between the joists or rafters. A good thickness is 300mm of fiber insulation.
  5. Ensure that your heating is controlled by a programmer and a wall thermostat. 

The above improvements are relatively low in cost and may have a high impact on the EPC rating of your house. 

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