How to Prepare for an EPC Rating Assessment? – epc4less

As a homeowner, there are a few things you may need to do to prepare for an EPC rating inspection: 

  1. Outside the house, the Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) will need to photograph the front, side and rear elevations. Therefore, if you have a small car parked at the front of your house, this will not be an issue. However, if you have a large vehicle parked in front of your house, such as a van, then it may be a good idea if you remove it so that the front elevation can be photographed.

Inside the house

  1. Inside the house, the DEA will need to take photographs of glazing, lighting, fireplace and heating control systems. For this reason, if you have a timer/thermostat make sure that you tell the assessor about it. If your fireplace is temporarily blocked it would be a good thing to remove the block so that the assessor can take a photograph of the fireplace and grate.
  2. If your property has an oil fire boiler, please ensure that the boiler house is easy to open for inspection. 
  3. If your property has a gas boiler then ensure that all available documents are there so that the assessor can record the make and model of the boiler. 
  4. If your property has a hot water tank, then ensure that it is clear and unobstructed so that it can be easily photographed. Very often people use the hotpress as a store area. If that is the case in your house, then make sure that any items that block the view of the water tank and hot water tank thermostat are removed.You do not need to have the boiler on of the fire lit during the assessment.
  5. To prepare the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) the DEA will need to have information about your loft insulation. If your property has a loft, then you need to ensure that it will be possible for the assessor to open the loft hatch and easily view the loft insulation around the hatch and measure its depth. Very often people damp all unwanted items in the loft. So if you happen to store any items in the loft, make sure that these do not block the assessor’s access and prevent him from accessing the loft insulation. 

Certificates of works and Building Control approvals

  1. If you have any certificates of cavity or loft insulation make sure that these are available for the assessor to photograph. Likewise, any documents related to an extension, or a loft conversion, such as approval from Building Control must be available.
  2. If you have your electric meter in a closet or cabinet then ensure that it is easy to access, therefore, you may want to remove any items that may block access to the electric meter.

About cats, dogs and kids

  1. If you have any pets at home, such as dogs or cats, it is a good idea to inform the DEA about them. It may be appropriate that you keep the dog outside or in a cage. Ensure that kids under the age of 18 remain supervised by an adult during the entire energy survey. 


  1. Finally, do not follow the assessor throughout the property. The easier it is for the assessor to focus on their work, the quicker they will complete the survey. 

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