Is An EPC A Legal Requirement In The UK? – epc4less

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. EPCs were introduced in the United Kingdom in 2007, firstly in Wales and England and then in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The EPC was initially a European Directive. However, it was adopted by the UK and made law in 2007. According to the regulation all houses for sale or to let need to have an EPC before they go into the market.

Consequently, the EPCs are a legal requirement if you are selling or renting your home. You can order an EPC, wherever you are in the UK or Northern Ireland, at a low cost at right here.

Why is the EPC important for buyers?

The Energy Performance Certificate, according to epc4less, one of the UK main EPC providers, is important because it gives you an idea of the annual energy costs of a property. It is therefore a good way to compare properties if you are in the market to buy or to let.

If you are interested in improving your property and making it warmer or more comfortable than an EPC provides a list of recommendations. For each recommendation, the EPC gives you an idea of the cost and return of investment in terms of annual energy savings.

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