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This smart checklist has been put together by our Senior Assessors after surveying over 12,000 homes since 2008. To help you better prepare for your home energy survey this checklist shows you a few simple and easy things you should do at no cost before the survey of your property and get a better rating. You get this Checklist now instantly as soon as you order. → One of the recommendations has helped hundreds of homeowners get more than the asking price. (You won’t find this anywhere else online). ADD IT TO YOUR ORDER FOR ONLY £12


If you need the EPC for selling your property, a remortage or as part of an HMO application then you may have to achieve a minimum EPC rating. The HMO office as well as various banks and lenders require a minimum EPC rating. If this is not achieved HMO licences are not granted. In case of a sale this may hold up the sale of a property for days or weeks. Our 20-minute pre-assessment consultation is over the phone and takes place 2 to 3 days before the actual energy survey.


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