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Since 2007 We Have Delivered Over 2,400 SAP Assessments And EPCs In Leeds and Throughout the United Kingdom

About Us

Epc4less is an award winning Energy Assessment agency for the new build environment established in 2007.

We have an expanding team of assessors in Leeds and throughout the UK who base their success on meaningful partnerships. We work with you, the homeowner, the builder, the estate agent, the architect.  Our extraordinary customer service focuses on understanding your project deliverables. Every project is a journey and it starts by collecting drawings, plans, and all pertinent specifications related to your new build.

Not just New Build EPC! We Offer Innovation in SAP Assessments

We help home owners secure compliance with the latest building regulations. However, we are not just compliance consultants. We have a passion for innovation and implementation of cutting edge technology. We are solution providers known for delivering innovative eco-friendly solutions that combine practicality, comfort and efficiency.

Customer Reviews

Here is what some of our customers have said about our service.

Catherine Robinson

Happy Client​

Very helpful and efficient. Good communication and a professional report. I can thoroughly recommend.



David Galbraith

Happy Client​

The consultant was friendly and knowledgeable in studying our new home drawings and helped us submit the report to building control. 


Gillian Long

Happy Client

Excellent professional service, very efficient and of an excellent quality, would highly recommend.


Helen Moore

Happy Client

This company know their business very quick service and professional great customer service. Thanking you for your quick response.


Jim Harrison

Happy Client

Great job done by epc4less. They helped with our home design and made things energy efficient and practical too. 👍


Ronnie Marks

Happy Client

The assessor was very professional and friendly.  They provided an excellent service and I would happily recommend him to anyone requiring Sap reports.


Mary Collins

Happy Client

Excellent communication and very easy process from start to finish. Got house passed from Building Control. Thank you. 


Des Boyd

Happy Client

Courteous surveyor who was diligent in his report. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the service I received.


Mary Talbot

Happy Client

I was initially stressed about getting the documents for Building Control. But this company made it easy for me. Very simple to organise and obtain the certificate, would highly recommend.


Best Value For Your EPC and SAP Reports

It it is cheaper and quicker to order your EPC & SAP Reports right here online.

It takes a minute to order online. We will contact you within a few hours to discuss about your new build.


Have a query? Here are the most frequently asked questions:


SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure. It is the government approved methodology for the energy rating calculation of dwellings.


You will need SAP calculations if you are building a new house. You may also require a SAP calculation for any type of conversion or extension.


The SAP & EPC calculations are carried out by our team of qualified and accredited professionals. We are qualified as “OC DEA” consultants, which means On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors. 


We will use evidence related to the proposed dwelling’s fabric, heating system, controls, lighting, glazing, wall insulation, loft insulation, etc. Then, we use the latest Full SAP technology that takes all these parameters into consideration in order to produce the EPC Energy Rating and Compliance Reports.


The calculations of an average 3-bedroom semi-detached house take about a day, provided that we have all the information we need.


An EPC is valid for 10 years, unless the owner change the fabric and services to the building, i.e. build an extension or change the heating system.


Usually, we ask for architect’s drawings. After you order your new Build EPC and SAP online, we will email you a small checklist of the information we need from you in order to carry out the SAP & EPC assessment. We will help you through the process so it is simple and quick.


We work from architects’ drawings only. There is no requirement to visit the actual property.

A Guide to SAP Assessments and New Build EPC Requirements

SAP Assessments and New Build EPCs are two important aspects when it comes to assessing the energy efficiency of a new dwelling. In practice, we use SAP Calculations to estimate the energy performance of a new build in terms of its heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements. On the other hand, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is part of the SAP calculations. As a homeowner, you will require these reports when you apply for Building Control approval.

In short, a SAP assessment provides an indication of how energy efficient a new build home is. Also, the EPC gives potential buyers or tenants an idea of what their energy bills will be. 

New Build EPC Leeds: How do we produce New Build EPC and SAP Assessments?

We use SAP as a methodology to determine the energy performance of a building. Also, we use SAP to identify areas where improvements can be made. SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure. It is essentially the latest regulations related to energy efficiency and the protection of the environment.  The system produces  compliance reports that one should follow in order to ensure that their building meets the government targets. At design stage, improving the energy efficiency of a new build is possible by taking various steps such as re-specifying the fabric of walls, ceiling, and floors; re-specifying windows and doors lower u-values and implementing renewable energy solutions.

Why We Should Improve the EPC Rating of a New Build Home

Improving the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a new build home is becoming increasingly important. This is both in terms of  meeting the government’s latest regulations and to save money in energy bills in the long term. Recently, there are various steps that home owners, or architects, can take to improve the EPC rating of a home. As we said, this can be done at design stage. For instance, using energy efficient blocks and insulating materials, reducing open spaces and reducing glazed areas. Also, your home can achieve better energy rates by improving the efficiency of windows and doors and increasing insulation levels. Finally, it helps to improve airtightness of the building and consider a combination of heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

What is TFEE – Target Fabric Energy Efficiency of New Build Homes

In simple words, the Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE) of a new build home is an important measure that we use to assess the energy efficiency of the chosen fabric of a new build. We calculate it by taking into account the proposed wall, ceiling and floor structures. Also, we factor in the proposed insulation, windows and doors as well as the specified air tightness and ventilation. By understanding TFEE of a new home at design stage, architects and homeowners can make informed decisions about what building solutions to use at the “as design stage”. We also understand how to modify the design in order meet the latest building regulations.

Ideally, we must consider TFEE for computer simulation and optimisation at design stage. Once a house is finished (as build) it becomes very complicated, if not impossible, to change TFEE value. The TFEE target for new homes has been set by the government and it is important that all new build homes meet this standard in order to ensure compliance. The standards vary between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with 2022 Building Regulations already in force in England, while Northern Ireland remains to 2009 building standards.

Where to get more information 

You can get more information about the EPC and SAP regulation online when visiting the relevant government websites. Alternatively, you can enquire at the Leeds Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD, tel: 0113 378 6016

You can search for our service using one of these search phrases: SAP Assessments Leeds, New Build EPC Leeds, SAP Calculations, or even SAP reports.